We are Mlekara Šabac, a Serbian dairy, a part of the Mediolanum Invest Group, which sets standards for the future in producing milk and sour dairy products. With the tradition of 90 years our 100% national dairy offers only the best quality products. Mlekara Šabac is one of the biggest dairy factories in Serbia but we can also say that it is the biggest Serbian dairy factory since its capital is 100% national.

We are the only dairy factory on the market that does not import but exports 60% of products to other markets, which made us one of the biggest food export companies in Serbia.

More than 700 local dairy farmers know why they choose Mlekara Šabac for their strategic partner – we guarantee them stable purchase of raw materials so that they can further develop their own businesses. More than 75% of raw milk purchased by Mlekara Šabac meets the EU and Customs Union criteria. Raw milk of such high quality is needed in order to produce quality products for national and foreign markets.

We process 50 million liters of milk annually and place more than 20,000.00 tons of products on the market, all in modern packaging and produced by modern technology and equipment.

We are committed to production process continuous improving, national production preserving, supporting the community in which we operate and encouraging more sustainable business practices for both Mlekara Šabac and its suppliers.

mlekara šabac