We are a team that is dedicated to preserving tradition, boldly introducing innovations and proudly creating unique tastes that combine and connect diversity. We love what we do, we are creative and energetic and we approach every new product with enthusiasm. We respect consumers, each other, our differences, the partnerships we build and we have been doing so for 90 years now, because Mlekara Sabac has existed in its modified forms since 1931.

We are one of the leading dairies on the Serbian market, but at the same time we are a domestic dairy that is the largest exporter of dairy products, with as much as 70% of exports of its total production and today we are present on the shelves from Russia through Europe to America.

More than 700 local milk producers know why they choose Mlekara Sabac as their strategic partner – we guarantee a stable purchase of raw milk, so that they can further develop their own business.
More than 75% of the raw milk purchased by Mlekara Sabac meets the criteria of the EU and the Customs Union. We need raw milk of such high quality for the production of quality products intended for the domestic market, but also for export. We process 50 million litres of milk annually and sell over 20.000 tons of finished dairy products, in the most modern packaging, with the most advanced technological procedures and equipment.

We are committed to improving production, preserving the domestic economy, villages and supporting the community in which we operate, because we believe in the sustainable business of Mlekara Sabac and its partners.

We are a place where satisfied employees create reliable partnerships and beloved products for the whole world.