Your choice without preservatives!

100% your story!


This is a story about products with a high standard, quality and freshness, created by people dedicated 100% to their customers.

Whichever you choose, we guarantee 100% taste which you love, 100% natural ingredients without any additives and preservatives, that inspire you 100% to eat healthy and make meals which bring joy to your loved ones.

That’s us. 100% local, Mlekara Šabac with a 90 year tradition.

What is your first association of a mix of freshness, perfect creamy taste of your childhood and the staple of every gastronomical adventure?

A la kajmak is the main ingredient, and with a little imagination and a lot of love becomes your masterpiece, everyday.

We know that Sirko is 100% your favourite spread for the last few decades, connecting generations. You can start your day with its original taste or surprise your loved ones with a wonderful refreshing dessert. 100% made with only 3 completely natural ingredients: highest quality milk from local farms, rennet and salt.

They say that if he was any younger he would be milk. Our Mladi sir gives 100% softness to your dinner table, balanced meals and healthy habits. As it is low in milk fats and completely without any preservatives and additives it appeals to all generations.

Mediteraneo sir, 100% authentic taste and structure will take you back to your exciting memories of the Mediterranean sea. We do not use artificial additives or preservatives. You bring the fresh vegetables and a dash of oil, and enjoy a wonderful, healthy meal every day!

Our concept of creating dairy products without preservatives and from natural ingredients guarantees a rich taste in all our products, especially thanks to buying high quality local milk which adheres to the highest standards of food production in our country. We offer 100% unforgettable taste.

The raw milk we use in production is bought from the same families we have been buying from in Serbia for generations. In cooperation with them, everyday exchange of advice, knowledge and experience we procure the highest quality raw products which is the core of our 100% natural and high quality products.