Yoghurt by Šabac

Yoghurt by Šabac is a product of high biological value, of a mild and very pleasant taste, usually popular in pastry shops as an ideal choice consumed with fresh pastry as part of a balanced breakfast or snack. Yoghurt is a traditional and favourite beverage on a national breakfast table. Our yoghurt contains 2,8% of milk fat.

Individual Packaging: Cup 180 g, PET bottles 0,5 kg, 1 kg and 1.5 kg.

Average nutrition value 100g
Energy value 241 kJ / 58 kcal
Milk fats
(out of which saturated fatty acids)
2,8 g
1,9 g
(out of which sugars)
4,8 g
4,8 g
Proteins 3,3 g
Salt 0,12 g