Mladi sir by Šabac

Mladi sir, a product made by Mlekara Šabac, consists of a reduced quantity of milk fat and salt, so it has a fresh, very mild flavour of traditional fresh white cheese. It is a source of protein, and due to its specific way of production by a method of ultrafiltration it is especially rich in “whey proteins”: Albumin and Globulin. Mladi sir is widely used in nutrition, mainly due to its mild and light taste. Its natural content of calcium and reduced amount of milk fats make it ideal for those who pay attention to their balanced diet.

This product was declared the best innovative dairy product in 2009, winning the contest “The Best of Serbia” organized by The Serbian Ministry of Trade and The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

Individual packaging: 250g and 450g.

Average nutrition value 100g
Energy value 539 kJ / 128 kcal
Milk fats
(out of which saturated fatty acids)
6,5 g
4,3 g
(out of which sugars)
5,3 g
5,3 g
Proteins 12,3 g
Salt 1 g