Mediteraneo - full-fat soft cheese preserved in brine with 45% of milk fat in dry matter

With this cheese any salad transforms into a gourmet meal. White soft cheese like Mediteraneo is the main ingredient in salads widely known as Greek salads. Lettuce salads also mix well with white cheese.

Beside salads mentioned above, this cheese is usually added to mixed salads consisting of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Mediteraneo cheese gives an extra freshness to any salad, enriching it in proteins, thus transforming it in a complete meal easily taken to an office or served as a healthy light dinner especially during warm summer months.

Mediteraneo, soft cheese by Mlekara Šabac, is produced by a technological process of milk ultrafiltration. This way of production makes it of a higher nutritional value and of a greater quality than cheese produced by classical production methods, and leaves it especially rich in so called “whey proteins”: Albumin and Globulin, both of high biological value.

Individual packaging: Bowls 250 g, 450 g, 950 g and a can of 7,5 kg.

Average nutrition value 100g
Energy value 818 kJ / 197 kcal
Milk fats
(out of which saturated fatty acids)
15,5 g
10,5 g
(out of which sugars)
2,6 g
2,6 g
Proteins 11,8 g
Salt 2 g